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Why Beeswax Candles?

Reason why you should use our beeswax candles

• Created by the bees, 100% natural, all chemical-free. Oldest candle known to man and prized since ancient times.

• Environmentally friendly and safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic

• Burn very clean with little smoke when trimmed properly as they are not oil-based.

• 100% beeswax candles are natural; undergo no chemical processing and are biodegradable.

• Pure Beeswax candles DO NOT ruin Iconostasis in the Church with black smoke unlike paraffin candles


• Paraffin candles should be avoided by those with allergies or asthma conditions.

• A black sludge that is treated with 100% industrial strength bleach to change its color to white, creating toxic dioxins. Acrolyn, a carcinogenic chemical is then added to solidify the white sludge. The end result is an extremely toxic product. Burning these candles produces the same toxins, creating pollution in the space.

• An oil-based, highly refined petroleum by-product that contains up to 11 toxic compounds and chemicals such as benzene and toluene. Emit toxic diesel exhaust-like fumes.

• Contain artificial dyes and synthetic fragrances which also produce toxins and stains when burned, adding to the environmental damage.

• Some paraffin candles contain lead wicks.

• Short burning and excessive dripping.

• Do not evoke the same natural ambience of warmth and style as beeswax.

• Produce harmful black soot that leaves streaks of black residue and stains Church interior surfaces.

• Beeswax candles are known to burn cleaner compared to any other type of candles - paraffin candles, on the other hand, are known to create toxic fumes that can cause a variety of respiratory problems and even worsen asthma in people who suffer from this condition. This happens due to the fact that paraffin is a byproduct of the oil industry, while beeswax occurs naturally and there are no other synthetic ingredients involved. Beeswax candles are 100% safe to use in the long run, and there are no side effects whatsoever.

• Buyers beware: many paraffin candles are filled with synthetic fragrances, chemicals, and pesticides. Due to this, those who suffer from asthma or allergies may become extremely irritated. Plus, the chemical residue from paraffin candles can also stick to walls, curtains, and the area surrounding the burning zone. 

• Beeswax candles, however, are clean burning. While paraffin emits soot as it burns, beeswax does not. It has anti-bacterial properties that make beeswax perfect for individuals with asthma or allergies. When you burn a beeswax candle, the air fills with the aroma of natural honey rather than synthetic smells. Plus, beeswax can purify your air as they give off negative ions. This means the negative ions will partner with pollutants in the air, thus removing things like dust, dirt, floating in our air. 

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Free shipping

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Price list

1/4 x 7"

Pure beeswax candles | 1/4 x 7
$ 0.20/piece

1/4 x 10"

Pure beeswax candles | 1/4 x 10
$ 0.25/piece

1/4 x 13"

Pure beeswax candles | 1/4 x 13
$ 0.30/piece

3/8 x 7"

Pure beeswax candles | 3/8 x 7
$ 0.25/piece

3/8 x 10

Pure beeswax candles | 3/8 x 10
$ 0.30/piece

3/8 x 13

Pure beeswax candles | 3/8 x 13
$ 0.35/piece

3/4 x 8"

Pure beeswax candles | 3/4 x 8
$ 0.95/piece

3/4 x 10"

Pure beeswax candles | 3/4 x 10
$ 1.15/piece

3/4 x 12"

Pure beeswax candles | 3/4 x 12
$ 1.35/piece

1/2 x 5"

Pure beeswax candles | 1/2 x 5
$ 0.30/piece

1/2 x 7"

Pure beeswax candles | 1/2 x 7
$ 0.45/piece

1/2 x 9"

Pure beeswax candles | 1/2 x 9
$ 0.65/piece

1 x 14"

Pure beeswax candles | 1 x 14
$ 7/piece

1 x 18"

Pure beeswax candles | 1 x 18
$ 8/piece

Wedding & Baptism Candle 1 x 18"

Pure beeswax candles | Wedding & Baptism Candle 1 x 18
$ 10.00/piece

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